We are The Writers Lab. We are a network of industry veterans and emerging creatives advancing the work of women screenwriters in the prime of their wisdom.

We seek equity for women in the film industry as we compel the medium of cinema to depict all that is deeply human. As we call on others to be more inclusive, we expect the same of ourselves.

We recognize that identities, movements, and industries are dynamic currents and require distinct action for meaningful progress. We mourn the innumerable voices of creative women overlooked and lost to time. We refuse to perpetuate such injustice.

We envision a world where The Writers Lab is no longer needed. A world where our network is seamlessly woven into the fabric of the film industry. A world where women’s voices are inherently valued. A world where all deserving stories are encouraged, recorded, amplified, celebrated, and preserved in humanity’s collective script.



We are industry veterans who elevate the work of women screenwriters over 40.




We speak to anyone who values original storytelling and the discipline of film.




We embolden women in the prime of their wisdom to claim their space in the entertainment industry.




We must reshape the film industry through stories which reflect the totality of the human experience.




We amplify the power of women screenwriters over 40 through mentorship, exposure, and advocacy.




We envision a world where women’s voices are inherently valued, heard, and fully woven into the narrative fabric of the human experience.


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